Saturday Night Whoop It UP
at Colonial Country Club

We celebrated our 20th, 30th reunions,  and our “50 year old birthday party” at Colonial, so it seemed appropriate to return there for our 40th reunion
We hope this little page answers your questions about the “big event” night of our reunion.

How will I find Colonial?
We think you will find it elegant, well-manicured, and over 50…just like your classmates. But seriously, to get there you just find Simondale Drive , and turn onto Country Club Circle . Colonial will be the only country club on the block.  And click here for a map.
What should I wear?
We want you to be comfortable. Most guys will probably wear slacks and shirt. Ladies, you probably know more about appropriate dress than us guys, and – if you’re like my wife – you probably watch one of those cable fashion shows, so we know you’ll be dressed great.  Last time somebody wore fishnet hose and thong, but he did not stay long.
How many people will be there?
We expect well over 7,000, not including spouses. Seriously, we’ve found over 500 Class of 1966 members, so we hope you’ll see about 250-350 of your classmates there.
What will we have for dinner?
Last time, Colonial prepared a delicious buffet for us. It was so good, I stuffed food in my sports coat. The next day I found either very old shrimp or very new cheese in my pocket. But it still tasted good.
How about spirits?
Like the Ghost of Panthers Past?  If you’re talking about wine, beer, and liquor, there’ll be a cash bar.
How much will this cost?
Click right here to get to the page with all the cost details to the best reunion party ever held.
Any other details?
Not yet but other questions may be directed to those on the Contacts Page.  They will try to make up answers, some of them true.