1966   News                           
News Headlines 
 B-52 And Jet Tanker Collide- 7 Die 4H-Bombs Lost 3 Recovered 
 Russia Makes First Soft Moon Landing 
 Lost H bomb Found Off Spanish Coast 
 Supreme Court Rules On Rights Of Accused In Miranda Case 
 Sniper In Texas Shoots 45 from Tower 
 Long Time Favorite Buster Keaton Dies 
 Auto Critic Nader Gets Apology >From GM 
 Lost H-bomb Found Off Coast Of Spain 
 Artificial Pump Is Implanted In Heart 

In The News 
 Stokely Carmichael is elected head of Nonviolent Coordinating Committee 
 Walt Disney dies 
 Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton star in "Who's Afraid Of Virginia Wolf" 
 Green Bay Packers under Vince Lombardi win record third straight NFL title 
 Jim Brown ( Cleveland) retires with a career rushing record of 12,312 yards 
 Mini Skirts and Bell Bottoms are the in dress code 
 James Meredith is shot on civil rights march 
 Frank Sinatra and Mia Farrow are wed in Vegas ceremony

Other News

In our sophomore year, 1963, can you remember what class or lunch period were you in on November 22? 
That was the day President Kennedy was shot.