Biodegradable detergents are introduced 

California begins pollution standards for cars 

Cesar Chavez units farm workers, strike against grape growers 
New Words
Black Power, flash cube, flower children, glitch, hippy, pop, zap 
Green Berets get our country's attention in Vietnam war 

Draft calls 50,000 men a month to enlist 

James Meredith is shot walking from Memphis to Jackson 
DJ's screen records for hidden drug and satanic meaning 

"Suggested for mature audiences" starts due to "Who's Afraid Of Virginia Wolf" 

Jimi Hendrix popularizes the electric guitar 

Bishops, give Catholic's OK to eat meat on Fridays except for Lent 

Masters and Johnson's sexual studies change public view 

Men spend on how they look, No longer fashionable to look like you just had a hair cut 
Ouiji boards, astrology, Batman stuff