A special event on reunion weekend

Boys’ ‘Dutch barbeque’ scheduled
For June 17, 1-3 PM at Angelo’s

The ladies are having a luncheon on Saturday, June 17…so why don’t the guys do the same thing?
We’ll meet from 1 to 3 PM at Angelo’s Barbeque, 2533 White Settlement Road
(From the intersection of Berry Street and University Drive, head north on University – 
past Casa Manana and Farrington Field -- to White Settlement Road. Make a right on White Settlement.)
The organizers of this casual event have three requests:

  1. Bring a story from your high school days…it does not have to be true.
  2. Bring enough money to pay for your lunch.
  3. Wear clothes.  (over your thong)

  And, if you can, plan on continuing the fun by helping with decorations at Colonial at 3:00 PM.
We look forward to seeing you there!